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Chaptered Valdemar Fanfiction

Chaptered (complete and WIP) fanfiction based on Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series.

Grass is Greener- A rambling narrative by one Companion Teva, giving an insight into the life of an 'ordinary' Herald... with a healthy dose of Teva's own brand of snark and a large portion of humour (Completed August 2005).  Humour/Drama- Rated 'T'.
Can't Catch Me- Cat is running. Running from her past, running from her surroundings, running for her life... and then she slips up and finds herself face to face with Shadowstar; a Tayledras scout who is entirely unprepared for the changes that Cat's arrival heralds (WIP).  Drama- Rated 'T'.
Dancing Winds- Halliran is a Silver Gryphon scout with a problem: A storm has blown herself and her partner off the top of their map and they are stranded in an entirely bizarre forest. If that isn't bad enough, the locals appear to be her Clan's long lost cousins... (WIP).  Drama/Adventure- Rated 'T'.
Twist- Companion Kaya is on Search on the behalf of an injured friend, and she ends up getting far more than she expected... (Completed March 2005).  Drama/Humour- Rated 'T'.
A Hyperbola of Reality- An unexpected Choosing heralds changes (WIP).  Humour/Drama- Rated 'T'. 

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Disclaimer:  I'm making no money from, nor making any claims of ownership to, any of the fandoms involved in my fanfiction writing.