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Scribbles- Fanfiction by etcetera-cat

etcetera-cat is an amateur writer; most of her online published stuff can be found on her ff.net profile and nFiction profile. In addition, she is also a member of the invite-only Valdemar fanfiction community Occupants of Unreality.  etcetera-cat writes both original and fanfiction. 
etcetera-cat is actively writing in the Heralds of Valdemar and due South fandoms, and has previously written fanfiction in CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation and The Crow (comic-verse).

Feedback will be greeted with happiness and given a meal and a good home.

due South

Random Fandoms

Disclaimer:  I'm making no money from, nor making any claims of ownership to, any of the fandoms involved in my fanfiction writing.
Links to, and recs of, any of my work is muchly wlecomed-- and will probably result in a happy little dance-- but please ask before you archive!