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(hiero)Glyphics- Original Writing by etcetera-cat

Although etcetera-cat seems to be more prolific in her fanfiction writing, she is also prone to producing pieces of original writing.
For reasons of storage space and potential-future-copyrighting, none of etcetera-cat's novel-length works will be made fully avaliable.  One day, etcetera-cat hopes to be a published writer, although she has yet to negotiate this with her procrastination!

Danse Macabre- Britain in the Blitz, seen from below (March 2005).  Tragedy:  Rating- 'K+/T'.
Group Leader- A humourous scene written using original characters specified by Mavan.  This was part of the Writing Challenge (April 2005).  Humour: Rating- 'K'.
Rosemary- A snapshot of the past, based on the painting The Lady of Shallot by J.W. Waterhouse (April 2005).  PWPish:  Rating- 'K'.
Beat- What really happens on the coastal marshes (May 2005).  Humour:  Rating- 'K'.
Electrics- A good old fashioned romance story, in a London highrise (May 2005).  Romance/Humour:  Rating- 'K+'.

Archiving Policy:  Links to posted 'fics at either my ff.net account, or by myself on LiveJournal, or JournalFen are welcome.  If you wish to archive any of my writings on your own site, please email me first for permission.  If you do rec any of my work, please give me a heads up, I like to know where my audience is!
Claimer:  All original writing is copyrighted to etcetera-cat, who is the sole author and owner.