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The Guinea Pig's Page

Some drawings of Cavy-Claire's pack of guinea pigs, done by me, and some photos of my own collection of small, squeaky things!

Lucien the piggy:
Lucien-Crowley guinea pig
Dream the piggy:
Dream-Aziraphale guinea pig

Tanzanite the cavy


Tanzinite the Guinea pig; very cute, she is.

Sugar the cavy

Above is a picture of Sugar the guinea pig, who's gone over the Rainbow Bridge.


Above is Geranimo the guinea pig.


Above is a picture of Wendell the Cavy, who has also gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Below is a picture of the exceedingly cute and very scrummy cake that Cavy-Claire got for her 20th birthday!

Mmmm... Cake!

All drawings on this page are the property of etcetera-cat, please do not use without permission.