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The Great Writing Challenge

In April 2005, I posted an open challenge to my LiveJournal; in which I asked all and sundry to descend and challenge me to write pretty much anything.
This page is dedicated to the results of that challenge- which I'm still in the process of doing (I'm a lot more popular than I thought!), and really rather enjoying.

The Challenge.
This is for everyone who reads my journal-- those on my flist, those who have friended me without me noticing until a week after the fact, those of you that may just wander over here and read in happy obscurity. This is even for those of you that are on the Latest Posts page or are bouncing around on random search.

This is for everyone who reads this post: I challenge you.

I challenge you to challenge me to write something. To write anything.

Give me a line, give me a character, give me an idea you had once but never got around to writing yourself, give me a picture to build from. Give me a single word. Or give me specifics; tell me a fandom*, a rating, a genre. Make me go original; request something with fairies and dragons from inside my own head.

Give me as much or as little as you can think of and I will write something.

I don't care if I know you, have friended you, or if you're anonymouse314. I just want one thing from you; the seed of a story, the challenge to write something.

Go on, you know you want to...

*I have scary-geek knowledge, or access to majority canon source material on the following fandoms:
- Valdemar/Velgarth (M. Lackey).
- SERRAted Edge (M. Lackey).
- Discworld (T. Pratchett).
- Sandman (N. Gaiman).
- The Crow (J. O'Barr).
- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
- The Thursday Next books (J. Fforde).
- Red Dwarf (R. Grant & D. Naylor).
- Blackadder Goes Forth.
- The Immortals Quartet (T. Pierce).
- Good Omens (N. Gaiman & T. Pratchett).

Original Challenges.
Challenger:  Mavan.
Category:  Humor/Drama.
Rating:  K.
Other:  Characters suggested by, and belonging to, Mavan.
Completed:  April 2005.
Challenger:  Kierseth.
Category:  Narrative, faintly sad.
Rating:  K.
Other:  Kierseth challenged me to write something based on J. W. Waterhouse's painting The Lady of Shallot.
Completed:  April 2005.
Challenger:  Anonymouse314.
Catergory:  Humour, PWP.
Rating:  K.
Other:  This is weird; hopefully in a good way.
Completed:  May 2005.
Challenger:  Cat McDougall.
Category:  Moderately PWPish fluff.
Rating:  K.
Other:  Cat knows what a complete and utter angst-kitty I am, so she expressly prohibited me from being tragic.
Completed:  May 2005.


Fanfiction Challenges.
Challenger:  Kaity_skaity.
Fandom:  CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation.
Category:  Tragedy, character study.
Rating:  T.
Other:  Warning; character death.
Completed:  April 2005.
Challenger:  Herald Jacquelle.
Fandom:  Heralds of Valdemar.
Category:  Tragedy.
Rating:  T.
Completed:  May 2005.
Guardian       *NEW*
Challenger:  Elieth.
Fandom:  Heralds of Valdemar.
Category:  Tragedy/Angst.
Rating:  T.
Completed:  May 2005.

Feedback:  Is loved!
Archiving Policy:  Links to stories are welcomed, but please ask permission beforehand if you wish to archive anything of my writing on your own website.  A heads-up on an recs are also welcome; I like to know who my audience is!
Disclaimer:  I'm making no money from, nor making any claims of ownership to, any of the fandoms involved in my fanfiction writing.  Conversely...
Claimer:  All original writing is copyrighted to etcetera-cat, who is the sole author and owner.