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Random Fandoms

A collection of random snippets and little fics that came about due to my lack of will power when it comes to playing with shiny things. Look, shiny.

Doctor Who

Frost and Stone- There is a land made of frost and stone. Snippet fic written just because for Cat McDougall (November 2007) Rated G.

Good Omens

Morning Has Broken- Crawly, Aziraphile and a rather... interesting... sunrise. Comment fic for the 2007 Rat_Jam (March 2007) Rated G.


Stopwatch- Captain Jack, recorded in time. Written for the 2007 Rat_Jam (March 2007) Rated PG.

Usually- The original format for Stopwatch. This is over the 4,300 character limit and is rather more scrappy around the edges. (March 2007) Rated PG.

Starfields- Captain Jack, under the stars. (June 2006) Rated PG.

Wilby Wonderful

Fragments- Dan's life, through an unreliable lens. Written for ds_snippets' Rapid Fire Challenge. (September 2007) Rated PG.