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due South Fanfiction

Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps- Diefenbaker is a half-deaf half-wolf with a plan.  Someone should probably warn Fraser.
Originally written for the getfraserlaid challenge over at LiveJournal.  Prompt 132:  Fraser/Anyone, Dief's POV.  (July 2006)  Humour/Drama- Rated PG-13 (F/K).
Six Degrees of Separation- For reasons that don't bear explaining at this juncture, Fraser has been kidnapped, and it's up to Ray and Dief (with a little help from Bob) to find him.  This follows on from Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps.  (August 2006) Humour/Drama- Rated PG-13 (F/K).
Tissue/Layer- His life is a tissue of secrets. Originally written for ds_flashfiction's Secrets Challenge. (March 2007) Snippet- Pated PG.
Shopping List (amended)- Fraser writes a shopping list every week and pins it to the fridge with a magnet shaped like a maple leaf. Originally written for ds_flashfiction's Lists Challenge (April 2007) Humour- Rated PG
Aurora Borealis- Fraser and Ray and the great Northwest Areas. Originally written for ds_flashfiction's Fantastic First Line Festival (May 2007) Rated PG.
Horizons (expanding)- The turtle's not the only thing getting its horizon's expanded. Written for ds_flashfiction's Fantastic First Line Festival (May 2007). Rated PG.
Ten Feet Under- I woke up three days before Christmas in a pit, and I couldn't see my way out. Written for ds_flashfiction's Fantastic First Line Festival (May 2007) Rated PG-13.
Paper, Crumpled- Tear a page from your journal... Written for ds_snippets (September 2007) Rated G.
Untoward- the Northern Lights make the all-weather orange of the tent glow with shifting patterns. Romance fic bomb written as part of ds_match (October 2007) Rated PG.
In Which There Are Turtles- Ray isn't entirely sure which is worse: The turtle that's just concussed him, or the fact that he's being haunted. By Fraser's dad. Written for Team Romance in ds_flashfiction's ds_match Challenge (October 2007) Rated PG. There is also a coda to this fic: In Which There Is A (Half) Wolf.
Fluid- This is water dark and water cold. Written for ds_snippets (December 2007) Rated G. A podfic of this fic is also available, read by Keerawa.
Wolfsong- Sled tracks arcing across the great white everywhere... Written for ds_snippets (December 2007) Rated G.
An Ocean of Sky- Chicago air is not avian air. Wingfic written for Nos (March 2008) Rated T.
In Which There Is A (Half) Wolf- A Dief-style coda to In Which There Are Turtles. Written for Malnpudl, who is made of win (May 2008) Rated G.
Vibrato- Turtle!fic written for Zabira. Entirely possibly nothing like what she was expecting when she requested it (July 2008) Rated PG.
Four Untitled Whimsy!bombs- my part in the pre-challenge warm ups to ds_match 2008 (July 2008) Rated PG.
Project Ficlateer- During ds_match 2008, I clearly went a bit potty because, in addition to inflicting whimsy!bombs on people and writing my own Team Whimsy entry, I came up with the idea of gifting every member of both Team Whimsy and Team Reality with an anonymous ficlet for being so awesome. This idea evolved, grew, ate my brain and ended up being a matched set of realistic and whimsical ficlets, with their own LJ and writerly pseudonym. Ahahaha (June-July 2008) Rated PG to PG-13.
My Life As A Dog- For reasons that aren't freaking being explained at this juncture, the whole of Chicago is trying to beat Ray Kowalski to death. Via his nose. Team Whimsy entry for ds_match 2008, involving Dief, RayK and poorly justified bodyswap (September 2008) Rated PG-13.