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A Hyperbola of Reality

The idea for this story originally came about after a conversation with Cat McDougall-- who I have just taken to blaming for everything I write now; she's generally had some critical input at some point-- and I wrote a story.  A one shot, in fact.  It's called Fish Out of Water.  Go read it.  Then read this; which is the story of what happened afterwards.

A Hyperbola of Reality is written entirely in limited third person past tense, which is something of a departure for me, as I'm usually wallowing in the depths of first person.  At any rate; despite the title, the story really has very little to do with hypothetical algebraic mathematics.  Thankfully. 
What it is is a story about a rather unassuming young chap called Michael, from Chicago, who gets acosted by a strange looking white horse one day, and subsequently finds himself in the middle of what he thinks is the weirdest dream he's ever had.
It's not a dream; and Michael's been dragged kicking (well, punching, really) and screaming (uh... swearing.  Lots) into Valdemar.  A place he knows absolutely nothing about... but now has to save from eradication.