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Valdemar One Shots

Exactly what it says in the title-- this page is the home for the one shot 'fics I've written for Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar books.  All stories are listed chronologically, with story arcs noted.

Guardian- Dari is a Herald... and a cripple during the reign of King Valdemar (May 2005). Angst- Rated 'T'.

Shadow Dreams- Fighting to hold onto his sanity, Tylendel lives out his last few moments in this world... (May 2004). Tragedy/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Courier Run- A fleeting run down by the Karsite Border throws up and unknown and horrific threat that only a single Herald and Companion know about... (April 2003). Drama/Tragedy- Rated 'T'.

Furious Angel- They took Dash- took her Chosen- from her, and now the only things keeping Tavi past her time are insanity and the furious angel known as 'duty' (December 2003). Tragedy/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Cough- "The sun has just risen. The sky is red." (May/June 2005). Horror- Rated 'T'. Battlelines- 1.

Routine- "The breeze is a ghost whisper. It carries the dead voices." (July 2005). Horror- Rated 'T'. Battlelines- 2.

Key Signature- Vanyel got kidnapped by his family for after dinner conferences... but what did Stefen do? (February 2005). Drama- Rated 'T'.

Carved- "His time with the stone will be later-- will be all alone." (March 2006). Tragedy- Rated 'T'.

Nothing Immortal- A lone Companion stands in a clearing in the forest of her darkest nightmares; freezing outside, but dreaming of flames... (April 2004). Tragedy- Rated 'T'.

Feathers of Fire- She's lost her body, lost her Bondbird... lost her life. What choices does she have now? (May 2003). Drama- Rated 'T'.

(Heart)Stoned- A pair of Companions were walking down the road one day when-- (December 2005). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Roulette- What price happiness? Would you risk destroying the life of one dear to your own heart in order to fufill your needs? (December 2003). Angst/Drama- Rated 'T'.

How Did it... and ...Come to This?- How and why did this happen? Truly- how did it come to this? Companion Thaddie has been given and answer to her questions, but it's one that makes no sense... not until she's standing in the rain... Myet lost Jai three years ago. Three bitter, brittle years. Now, as he stands before the Grove Temple and remembers, he recieves a healing and an absolution of sorts (October 2003). Angst/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Standing on the Edge of Nowhere- Ever since Medili found her Chosen, they've shared everything- even the aches of old injuries. But now, Jalli is asleep and Medili is standing staring at the stars as shadowy shapes gather around her... (September 2003). Melancholy/Narrative- Rated 'T'.

Time is Running Out- If your dreams are all-encompassing and richer than life; if your dreams are full of sound and sight and sensation; if your dreams are etched into your heart... how do you tell what is real anymore? (December 2003). Narrative/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Ice Water- The echo of water music counting down to nothing... (August 2004). Melancholy- Rated 'T'.

Dusty Trails- Four months to find her Chosen? Companion Rallio is none too impressed... (August 2004). Humour- Rated 'T'.

Natural Selection- It could be an invasion of sorts... right? (September 2005). Humour- Rated 'T'.

Shifting to Silver- Herald-Healer Kierseth is spending a very special afternoon with her Lifebonded and their Companions, one that they'll never forget... (December 2003). Humour/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Flipside- In which Herald Davi learns just why certain aspects of magic are Not To Be Meddled With, and his Companion tried very hard not to strangle him with her newly gained apposable thumbs (March 2006). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Grass is Greener Stories.
All of these one-shots follow on after the events of Grass is Greener and can be read in any order with no great difficulty.

Etiquette- The (mis)adventure that happened the one time that Teva actually met the Court. (November 2006). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Eavesdropping- Older sisters seem to exist solely to make their younger sibling's lives difficult. (February 2006). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Herbology- Never trust a mushroom. Always blame the mushrooms. Do unto the mushroom before it does unto you. (June 2006). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Swamped- Alex and Teva are stick in the muds. Literally. (July 2007) Humour- Rated PG

Field Trip- As far as Teva's concerned, being chased all over the Pelagirs is more than enough to be dealing with. The local wildlife talking to her is really too much. (February 2008) Humour- Rated PG

Choosings Arc.
Sound and Fury- Datti has a Herald, but her Choosing of Gillan exists only in her dreams... (June 2004). Tragedy/Angst/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Serendipity- Datti's still alone, and she's trapped in a bitter box of mourning (May 2005). Angst- Rated 'T'.

A Day in the Life... Arc.
Sparkle- Regin is unbonded. Unbonded and bored. So he decides to elope from Haven on another Companion's Search... (December 2004). Humour/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Jingle- The sort of tale of Regin's Midwinter Choosing (December 2004). Humour/Drama- Rated 'T'.

Slide- Companions are best at everything... right? Even ice skating...? (July 2005). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

A Question of Style- Kit is in a bad mood after returning from a Circuit. Regin manages to cheer her up, although not exactly in the way he planned... (May 2005). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Fish Out of Water- In which Regin seriously begins to wonder if he's living in a penny sensational (July 2005). Humour- Rated 'K+'.

Alternate Universe/Reality Stories.
Echoes- A dead Companion- but the Death Bell doesn't toll, for the Herald is still alive... barely. Trapped in a nightmare of unthinking emotion the cracked-mirror shadow of a young woman drifts through the tatters of her life. Part of Senashenta's Spirits of Valdemar AU (August 2003). Angst/Tragedy- Rated 'T'.

Forever- (Sequel to Senashenta's "Reality"?) A single choice can forever change the course of all that follows... Part of Senashenta's Great Betrayal AU (September 2004). Drama/Angst- Rated 'T'.

No Tomorrow- Teegan is alone despite the multitudes of people around him. Alone except for his dreams... the dreams in which he dies... Part of the Shifted Silver AU (December 2003). Angst/Drama- Rated 'T'.

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