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Grass is Greener

This story has the dubious honour of being the second piece of fanfiction that I ever started writing.  It was also supposed to be a brief character study/oneshot.  The fact that I was still writing it, over two years after I started, indicates that something went wrong with that idea.  Hopefully, it's more than a direct illustration on how my writing style has improved!

Companion Teva-- and her non sequiturs-- is probably the best known of all my characters.  She's certainly the loudest, and the first to jump large conclusions from a standing start. 
Teva arose out of a determination on my part that I wanted to write about the life of a 'normal' Circuit Herald-- none of this flashy Adept-level super magic, or saving Valdemar for me.  The idea probably would have sat in the back of my mind and grown mould, except that I was suddenly blindsided by the notion; what if I narrated from the perspective of the Companion?
The rest, as they say, is history.  Sarcastic, tangent laden and quite frequently utterly plotless history.
So.  That's Grass is Greener- it's a Companion's perspective on this whole Herald business.  It's also supposed to be funny.  Contrary to what several parties would have you believe, it's not all about the bouncy.

The Story.

Fanfiction... of my fanfiction?
That's right; as strange as it may seem, Grass is Greener has fanfiction written about it.  This amuses me beyond all reason.
The Saga of the Sheep by Stephen Li
Completely out of the blue one day, this turned up in my email inbox; the actual ballardisation of the Saga of the Sheep that Teva complains about so much.  Composed by Companion Harali-- she who used to be a Bard in her former life-- no less!

Companion Teva