Disclaimer" So very not mine. *emotear*

Notes: Written for ds_snippets for the prompt: so I hold my breath 'till my heart explodes, 'cause this is how it is and this is how it goes. --Billy Talent. Thanks to Isis for giving this the once over.

Feed(back) etcetera-cat.



Sled tracks arcing across the great white everything, carving a story without words on the landscape.

Sunlight bright and white and flashing from the jagged edges of the newly fractured snow crust. Ice veined with cracks. Translucent and glossy and fading to pressed-water blue. The faint shimmer of ice crystals, dancing in the midday air.

The wind sighs, dipping in and out of the contours of the landscape, tugging along ghost sounds: a crack, a cry, a song sung in whispers.

Twilight that creeps in slowly, underscored by a lupine howl: high and thin and alone under the stars.

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