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Shopping List (amended).

Fraser writes a shopping list each week and pins it to the refrigerator with a magnet shaped like a maple leaf. It wasnít something that was discussed, it just sprang out of Fraserís observations of Rayís supermarket shopping habits when heís lacking aÖ certain degree of prompting.

So Fraser writes a shopping list and pins it to the refrigerator on a Tuesday. By Thursday the once neat list is usually a conflicted and smudged mess, rife with Rayís additions, amendments andó sometimesó arguments.

In fact Fraser has recently admitted to himself that he has begun to be deliberately forgetful when writing the list, just to see what Ray will come up with. In Fraserís head itís become sort of like a personal (and unorthodox) game of bingo.

Fraser (or rather, Ray) hasnít managed to get a full house yet. He is also sure that Ray hasnít cottoned on to this silly game. Fraser is both glad and disappointed about this. Glad, because he can perfectly imagine Rayís initial response to the concept of shopping list bingo (there would almost certainly be an unflattering comparison to curling), but disappointed because if Ray knew then Fraser would be able to explain how exactly to gain a full house, and what the consequences of that would be.

That thought distracts Fraser, so he doesnít spend more than a moment wondering where the shopping list has disappeared to.


A few weeks ago, Fraser started writing shopping lists. Ray figured it out pretty damn quick; it was obviously some freakishly polite way of pointing out that his kitchen (although heíd started to think about it as Ďtheirí kitchen around about the time of the first shopping list) is a Mecca for junk food.

Itís like having his mother telling him to eat his greens, except more, you know, Canadian.

In retaliation, around about week two, Ray started editing the list whenever he was in the kitchen and had a pen handy. Fraser, Ray has decided, needs to learn how to prioritise.

Strangely, the shopping lists have been getting more incomplete the past couple of weeks and Ray has found himself actually adding normal grocery items. From this he concludes that Fraser is being a sneaky Canadian bastard, although about what, he hasnít quite worked out.

Fraserís not the only one who can be a sneaky bastard, however, and Rayís decided that maybe itís time that he lets Fraser know that two can play games with shopping lists. To that end Ray made a point of raiding Frannieís desk before he left work and he now has a pocketful of brightly coloured marker pens.

As soon as Ray figures out where Fraserís hidden the list, heís going to do over his amendments. In capitals.


Diefenbaker doesnít usually bother with the bits of paper that get to stuck to the fridge door for two reasons; firstly, itís the inside of the fridge that counts and, secondly, what are shopping lists to (half) wolves?

That having been said, Dief has recently started checking (in the most casual way possible) that Ray has remembered to add donuts to the list each week.

As it happens, Ray has remembered. This isnít what gets Diefís hackles up, however. No, that is due entirely to the item on the bottom of the list, in Fraserís handwriting.

Eukanuba light? Dief is horribly offended by the implications of that. He paws at the list until it falls down, leaving a couple of streaky paw prints on the enamel door, and attempts to tear off the bottom of the list.

This proves unsuccessful and Dief deposits the soggy strips of paper in one of Fraserís boots while he considers what to do with the rest of the list.

Although a muddy paw print now obscures the Eukanuba light, it is also incriminating evidence.

After much considerationó and a certain amount of difficultyó Diefenbaker manages to post the chewed up list through one of the air vents on the turtle tank.

The turtle stares at it a myopic fashion. It trundles through its water pan and grit and then over the list, adding a few more muddy smears and then bites one corner in an experimental fashion. A second experimental bite and the turtle drags the list off to use as bedding.

Dief snorts in a satisfied fashion and goes to find an empty donut box to put in front of the fridge door to remind Ray about buying important things.

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